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Liability, Collision and Comprehensive, Medical Payments, Rental, Towing Coverage and More for Virginia Drivers

Car insurance—you have to have it. Virginia law requires it, and your own checkbook will thank you for having a policy in place. It’s money saved when unfortunate accidents occur.

Tony DiServio Insurance, Inc. proudly offers car insurance options for drivers throughout Henrico County, greater Richmond and Virginia at-large. We’re ready to help you get covered today.

Your Car Insurance Needs, Met

Car insurance exists because cars cost money, and the costs of wrecks or other accidents could put you and your bank account in a bind. The right policy will provide money to help you afford the recovery costs. You therefore won’t have to worry about how you’ll make ends meet when accidents happen.

Getting the Right Coverage

All the policies Tony DiServio Insurance offers will contain both Virginia’s required car insurance, and we can enhance your coverage with multiple optional perks to help you get even more coverage.

Virginia’s Required Coverage

Usually, Virginia law requires drivers who are at-fault for accidents to pay for they cause third parties. These third parties are those not in the at-fault driver’s vehicle at the time of the accident. Auto liability coverage is the type of car insurance that applies to such losses.

All Virginia policies contain at least the following coverage:

  • Bodily injury liability (BIL) insurance: $25,000 per one person, $50,000 per two or more persons
  • Property damage liability (PDL) insurance: $20,000 per accident

The BIL coverage will help you pay for the medical costs of those injured in wrecks or collisions. PDL coverage will apply to the third party’s property damage coverage. It might apply if a wreck damages another vehicle, or even another structure.

No-Fault Add-On Insurance

You can add coverage to your policy that will help you pay for your own losses regardless of fault.

  • Medical Expense: Coverage helps pay for your medical treatment, lost income and other costs if you get hurt in a wreck. Even if you have health insurance, you can use this coverage to help you pay for other losses.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: If another driver is at-fault for your losses, but they don’t have insurance, this coverage can help you pay for your own damage.
  • Underinsured motorist coverage: If another driver doesn’t have enough liability coverage for all your losses, this coverage can help you pay the difference remaining for your damage.

Physical Damage Insurance

Damage to your car might need repairs. The following coverage can help you do so:

  • Collision insurance: Damage your car sustains in a wreck will have coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Environmental hazards, vandalism and theft risks could damage your vehicle. This coverage will help you pay for the repairs to the vehicle.
  • Glass coverage: This coverage will ensure your windshield gets replaced expediently and affordably. Damage to your glass could fall below your damage deductible costs. Therefore, many policies can waive deductibles for glass repair claims.

Other Perks

Don’t forget to ask our agents about the following perks your coverage can provide:

  • Rental car coverage: You can afford the cost of a rental while your car is in the shop.
  • Roadside assistance: Did you run out of gas? Are you experiencing a flat tire? Your policy can dispatch specialist help that will get you back on the road in no time.
  • Towing assistance: This coverage can pay the costs of a tow truck to move the vehicle to a shop.
  • Replacement cost coverage: If you total your car, this coverage can ensure you receive enough money from the claim to buy a new car of equal or lesser value.
  • Gap insurance: Should you total the car, this coverage can help you pay off the value of the loan, which is often different from the replacement value of the lost car.

Have Questions?

Whenever you have questions about your policy or filing claims, we’re here to help you. DiServio Insurance’s dedicated agents can ensure that you:

  • Avoid double-dipping if you have to file on your own policy and someone else’s.
  • Know how long you have to file claims following a damaging event.
  • Understand grace periods for missed payments, coverage renewal and other deadlines.
  • Avoid policy cancellation by informing you when your policy might expire.

Everyone has to drive insured, so why should getting covered be a hassle? With us, you’ll always get the right car insurance. Contact us today at <PHONE NUMBER> or request a quote online now.