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Homeowners Insurance Information

Structure, Liability, Medical Payments, Personal Property Insurance and More for Virginians

Think of how much it costs to buy a home? Then, think about how the value in the property might grow or change over the years. You can’t afford to lose such an investment.

Instead, you can rely on homeowners insurance to protect your personal and financial security in your home. Residents of Henrico County and greater Richmond trust Tony DiServio Insurance, Inc. with all their homeowners insurance needs. We’re ready to help you get covered today.

Homeowners Insurance for All Properties

As part of the thriving Richmond metropolitan area, Henrico County has a booming real estate market. Median home values in the area fall around $235,000 and buyers typically pay around $246,000 as a purchase price. That’s a lot of money that you can’t afford to lose.

Homeowners insurance is the coverage that will help you avoid costly losses involving your home and other personal assets. With the right policy, you won’t have to struggle to afford the recovery costs. Coverage is reassurance at times when you might desperately need it.

Unique Properties Deserve Unique Homeowners Coverage

Homeowners insurance is often made up of both mandatory and optional coverage. All the policies Tony DiServio Insurance offers can contain multiple perks to help you get the best protection.

Lender-Required Structure Coverage

If you take out a home mortgage, your lender might issue a loan only if you buy homeowners insurance. Therefore, before you can finance, you might have to get covered.

Most lenders require you to buy structure insurance. It will help you cover damage to the house itself, such as fire, storm or vandalism-related damage. Structure insurance also usually includes detached structure coverage, so items like fencing, detached garages and workshops can receive coverage.

Usually, the amount of structure coverage required is at least the value of the home’s loan. That way, the lender won’t lose out on their investment. Also, most structure policies offer at least replacement cost value insurance. It will provide you with enough money to rebuild the home to its previous state.

Possessions and Scheduled Items Insurance

Once you move into the home, you will want to protect your belongings inside. That’s where homeowners possessions insurance can help you out. If a hazardous event, like a fire or theft, causes losses to your belongings, this coverage can help you pay for repairs or replacement items.

The belongings your coverage might insure can include:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Electronics and computers
  • Utilities or appliances
  • Rugs or carpeting

Most contents policies offer actual cash value (ACV) coverage. As possessions age, their values decrease. Cash value coverage pays you the depreciated cost of the items at the time of the loss. Sometimes, you can adjust your possessions coverage to offer replacement cost protection, however.

Also, if you have items of value, like jewelry or art, you can also add scheduled items coverage to most policies. Scheduled items insurance can apply coverage specifically to the value of those items.

Homeowners Liability Insurance

If someone, like a guest or neighbor, gets hurt because of your mistakes, their losses might be your fault. Homeowners liability insurance can help you cover these third-party losses. Most policies offer:

  • Bodily injury coverage: Should someone get hurt, and your negligence contributed to the accident, then this coverage can help the affected person cope with their losses. Coverage might pay their medical bills and lost income, and some policies even provide death benefits.
  • Property damage coverage: If you damage someone else’s property, this coverage can pay for their repairs. For example, if you accidentally throw a football that hits and damages a neighbor’s awning, this coverage can help you pay them for the repairs.
  • Accidental medical expenses coverage: Any guest could get hurt in your home. This coverage can help them cover their medical costs regardless of whether you had any fault in the injuries.
  • Legal assistance: Should someone sue you because of the damage you cause, liability coverage might help you cover settlements and your defense costs.

The great thing about liability policies is that they can often insure you even if an accident doesn’t occur on your property itself. For example, if you damage a neighbor’s home while visiting them your own policy might cover the damage.

Living Expenses Coverage

A damaging event at home might mean you can’t live there for a while. Living expenses coverage can help you make ends meet while the home underdoes repairs. It might cover hotel bills, dining bills, and replacement necessities during these times.

Have Questions?

Whenever you have questions about your homeowners policy, we’re here to help you. DiServio Insurance’s dedicated agents can ensure that you:

  • Balance your policy’s deductibles, so you can always afford your personal costs for claims.
  • Avoid double-dipping if you have to file on your own policy and someone else’s.
  • Know if you must file a damage claim within a time limit.
  • Understand grace periods for missed payments, coverage renewal and other deadlines.
  • Avoid policy cancellation by informing you when your policy might expire.
  • Help you expand protection with coverage like flood, earthquake and sewer backup coverage.

Don’t worry about not having adequate home insurance. With us, you’ll always get the right coverage at the right prices. Contact us today at (804) 740-7034 or request a quote online now.