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Auto Insurance

When you buy auto insurance, you're not just protecting your vehicle - you're protecting your way of life. We are committed to giving you the best protection available.

Please see our FAQ section to better understand the coverages, deductibles and limits and how they can work for you.

Homeowners Insurance

The following coverage types are available with our Homeowners Insurance:

Dwelling and Personal Property.
Provides coverage for sudden and accidental damage to your insured dwelling as a result of certain perils, which are not specifically excluded. Also helps cover sudden and accidental damage to your personal property caused by any covered peril.

Helps you replace covered personal property if it is stolen, whether from your home or someplace else.

Provides coverage for damage to the property of others, or for injuries, caused by you or a covered family member.

Medical Expense.
Provides coverage for medical expenses for injuroes to guests that arise from a covered loss.

Additional Living Expense.
Helps pay your reasonable increase in living expenses for a specified period if a covered loss makes your home uninhabitable.

You may be eligible for a discount for having a home alarm system, a newer home, or for insuring your motor vehicle with the same insurance company. Ask us about all the different ways you can save!

Renters Insurance

Is Renters Insurance right for you?

Do your own clothing, stereo equipment, cameras, a computer, jewelry, a bicycle, a television, artwork, furniture, antiques, coin collections, or other valuable items?

If fire damaged or destroyed the building, who would help pay for the loss of your personal posessions? Who would take care or your extra living expenses if you had to move into temporary quarters such as a hotel?

And what about personal liability? If your guest is accidently hurt or if a family member hurts a guest or damages property, it could result in a lawsuit.

The Renter Insurance is an affordable package of protection specially designed to answer all these questions.

Condo / Townhouse Insurance

Who Pays for the Damage to Your Possessions?

Answer: You do.

As an owner of a condominimum unit, you are also a member of your condo association. As you probably are aware, the association carries insurance on the basic structures and property. Chances are, though, association insurance does not cover the interior of your unit.

If your building was damaged in most states, you'd find that everything from framing in - including wall finishing, appliances and fixtures, household goods, perhaps even the plumbing and heating - is your responsibility. And without an individual Condo Unit Owners Policy, such a loss would leave you with a rather empty feeling.

You can protect yourself against such losses with one special package of insurance - The Condominimum Unit Owners Insurance.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

24-hour Emergency Roadside Service includes:

Motor Club will tow your disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility regardless of the distance.

Lockout Service
If your key is lost, broken or accidentally locked in your vehicle, we will dispatch someone to help you gain entry.

Flat Tire Change
If your tire goes flat or is leaking, your membership will pay for a service call to install your inflated spare tire.

Emergency Fuel Service
If you accidentally run out of gas, we will deliver up to two gallons of fuel to get you to the nearest gas station.

Battery Jump-Start
If you are stranded due to a dead battery, Motor Club will dispatch service to jump-start your vehicle.


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